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  1. 28.05.2018
  2. 29.05.2018
  3. 30.05.2018
9:30 am - 10:20 am

    What is the DISCOPRO | DISCOMICS | DISCORE tracks all about?

    DISCOPRO | Focus on development, funding and distribution opportunities available for film, television, digital and gaming content ‘Made in Africa’.

    DISCOMICS | Focus animation, comic books, the evolution of video gaming and special effects and the surging popularity of eSports across Africa.

    DISCORE | Focus on the growing importance of original music produced in Africa in the success of TV series that must travel all over the world.


10:30 am - 11:30 am

    Africa Rising 
    Panel discussion presented by Cote Ouest

    Annual discussing taking place at the start of DISCOP Abidjan, free discussion that this year would focus on the digital processing channels and the media landscape

    - Bernard Azria, CEO, Cote Ouest
    - Ahmadou Bakayoko, General Manager, RTI
    - Iris Bat-Adam, Regional Senior Sales Director - Africa, SES / MX1
    Djira Youssouf, CEO Nikady's
    - Fabrice Sawegnon, CEO Voodoo Group

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

    Position and Importance of Women in Francophone Africa’s Entertainment and Media Industry

    During this panel we will highlight and discuss the difficulties that the women of the African continent face daily in their professions. We will discuss the various initiatives that allow women to be heard as well as the strategies and solutions that women in the media sector have deployed to help them climb the ladder of success. In front of an audience consisting of women and men from our industry, we will offer advice to young and established women in the media sector and also increase the hope of equitable treatment of gender in the industry.

    Moderated by Séverine Laurent, Managing Director, Afrikakom & President of the Francophone Commission of the Observatory of Audiovisual Transformation

    Jemima Catraye, Managing Director, ORTB (Benin)
    Dorine Gueye, Programming Manager, A+ (Cote D'Ivoire)
    Miriam Selly Diop Kane, Special Advisor to General Manager, RTS - Radiodiffusion Television Senegalaise (Senegal)
    - Evelyne Owona Essomba, Journalist - Grand Reporter, CRTV (Cameroon)
    - Ana Ballo, Managing Director, RTI Distribution (Cote D’Ivoire)
    Laura Dave Biassi Fekeu, Managing Director, Roots Hills (Cameroon)
    - Sandra Basset, Deputy Head of Africa Programs, TV5 Monde 

    Severine LAURENT

1:45 pm - 3:45 pm

    TNT Networks and Implementation for Africa
    Workshop presented by African Union Communications

    Presentation of a powerful ecosystem for the implementation of TNT networks in Africa; Experts sharing experiences on different TNT achievements in Africa; Technological issues and business models of TNT and a open discussion on success factors and the economic environment

    Moderated by Sylvain Beletre, D
    evelopment Manager Africa Distribution Service, France Médias Monde

    - Emmanuel Jacques, African Union Communications
    - Karine Richecoeur, Harmonic Inc
    - Aymeric Legal, Enensys Technologies
    - Frédéric Boulet, Newtec
    - Alexis Luherne, Skyline
    - Ivan Reuter, Eutelsat

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

    Advertising financing mechanisms in the audiovisual sector: how to optimize the organization and anticipate the expectations and prospects of advertisers

    Advertising, bartering and geopolitical marketing are the main sources of funding for private television channels in Africa. Marketing or product placement are also levers to foster growth in production. Audiovisual advertising is growing significantly in line with the development of the sector, but the control rooms and displays could adapt more to the expectations and needs of advertisers. As for the placement of products in future productions, this technique remains, in the opinion of many producers, still too anecdotal even though the legislation allows it in most sub-Saharan countries. During this Master Class bringing together many advertising professionals and its organization, we will try to solve various issues related to the subject such as:

     - How to optimize the management of an advertising network?
     - What are the expectations of local advertisers? Pan-africans? for locally produced content?
     - What are the elements to provide to convince a marketing director to communicate in a production (product placement)?
     - Should producer adopt an organization that meets digital experts and content producers?

    Moderated by Séverine Laurent, Managing Director, Afrikakom & President of the Francophone Commission of the Observatory of Audiovisual Transformation

    - René Saal, President, AdWeKnow
    - Korede Odjo-Bella, General Manager, Vibe Radio and Elle.CI
    - Aziz Barry, Media Director, McCann
    Hélène Calas, West Africa Associate Director, Blue Lions Abidjan
    Jean Marc Léoni, President, CSE
    - Sandra Coulibaly, Commercial & Marketing Director, Cote Ouest

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm