Registration Terms and Conditions/Show Policy

  • This registration is a contract of participation.
  • Should you not be able to attend, please inform us via email at
  • All registration purchases are final and non-refundable. Registrations cancelled on or before March 30, 2018 will be entitled to a full credit for a future DISCOP market. Registrations cancelled after March 30, 2018 will NOT be entitled to a credit.
  • Substitutions can be made. If you wish to substitute a participant (transfer registration to another participant), email us at by March 30, 2018. No substitutions after March 30, 2018
  • By attending DISCOP Abidjan you acknowledge and agree to grant BASIC LEAD the right at the event to record, film, photograph, or capture your likeness in any media for promotional and marketing efforts.
  • As a registered participant, you allow BASIC LEAD to use your contact info in DISCOP Abidjan participant list and show guide. 

As part of this event, you use the B2B Matchmaking Service of ConVerve GmbH. B2B Matchmaking supports you in finding customers and / or cooperation partners.

In order to use this service it is necessary that you publish personal and company related information. This data will be stored in the matchmaking system of ConVerve GmbH by order of Basic Lead. Parts of your data will be published on the internet. Please see more information in our privacy policy.

1.    General Conditions
This registration will be a binding agreement following acceptance of terms & conditions by the Participant. Amount owed per agreement are not refundable. However, credit can be applied against another Basic Lead event. See restrictions above.

2.    Termination
Participants with unpaid invoices will be unable to retrieve market badge. Failing payment of the participating terms, BASIC LEAD, will deregister the Participant and BASIC LEAD, will also use all legal means at its disposal to pursue the participant for the payment of all open invoices, if necessary.

3.    About BASIC LEAD
The BASIC LEAD events are centered on the pre-organization of meetings between qualified participants. Participants agree to present goods, programs, services and intellectual properties directly linked to audiovisual production, distribution and funding sectors.

4.    Compliance with the Law and Regulations
All participants must comply with, and apply any laws governing the countries where BASIC LEAD events are held. All participants must also comply with regulations, rules and branding standards established by BASIC LEAD, in the context of its BASIC LEAD events.

5.    Termination and Cancellation of BASIC LEAD
If in case of war, fire, strike, act of God, government regulation, interruption of public transports or failure of public or private bodies to provide their services, act of governmental authority, force majeure or any other contingencies beyond the control of BASIC LEAD, should a BASIC LEAD event, or any part of it, be stopped, or its functioning be impeded or prevented, or be cancelled by BASIC LEAD, or should the allocated stand (if applicable) become unavailable, BASIC LEAD, upon its choice and at its discretion, will determine the possibil­ ity to reimburse participants after deducting expenses and costs incurred by BASIC LEAD, and a reasonable profit for BASIC LEAD.

6.    Termination by the Participant
Any request of termination by the Participant of any part of this booking form must be submitted to BASIC LEAD, in writing via fax (not via email). Conditions established in the General Conditions paragraph will apply.
7.    Photographs and Videos
The Participant hereby authorize BASIC LEAD, to take and broadcast photographs and video recordings of its BASIC LEAD events.

8.    Indemnity and Performance Liability
BASIC LEAD, shall take such steps as it considers necessary for the promotion of the event, but in no case will it be liable for the performance of the event.

9. Miscellaneous
Only BASIC LEAD, is authorized to edit and publish a show guide or any other guide related to any BASIC LEAD event. Participants will be responsible for the information they will provide for the editing of the catalogue and the website listings. The organizer will in no case be liable for omissions, or misprints, or typesetting, or similar errors that may occur.

I 0. Terms, Conditions and Regulation Agreement
The Participant agrees to observe and comply with the terms conditions and regulations herein, and with the terms, conditions and regulations that may be added from time to time by BASIC LEAD (with or without notice to participant) in view of an efficient safe and proper running of  each BASIC LEAD event. All matters pertaining to the Event and not specifically covered by the terms and conditions of this contract shall be subject to determination by Basic Lead in its sole discretion . In addition to its right to terminate participation or cancel its approval of an booking form, BASIC LEAD, in its own judgement, may refuse to consider the participation by a Participant who has breached or who did not comply with these terms , conditions and regulations in future BASIC LEAD events.

11.    Organizer's public liability insurance
BASIC LEAD is insured against the financial consequences of its civil liability in its role as organizer. The participant desiring to be insured for its goods must itself insure the goods with the insurer of its choice.